Radiometric Measurements

Precise and Errorfree Radiometric Measurements

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Do you want to operate radiometric measurements with minimal uncertainties to allow optimum performance of your process? Minimize error sources, so that difficult level, density & bulk flow measurement tasks achieve highest accuracy & reproducibility

Radiometric measurements for industrial processes have been around for several decades and they are an important component in the successful performance of critical level, density and flow measurements. Nuclear mea­surement gauges work where conventional measuring technology fails. They offer outstanding measurement results under extreme conditions so that high temperatures, pressures and other difficult ambient and process con­ditions pose no problems. Typical measurement tasks are non-contact level and density measurements in various vessels, bunkers and piping systems, interface measurements in oil separa­tors and moisture measurement. They can also be used as non-contact limit switches. However, every measurement contains errors and radiometric measurements are no exception. The effects of these error influences can nonetheless be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level, taking into account certain basic conditions and a careful interpretation of the measurement technology.
This white paper explains
  • the nature and causes of these errors,
  • identifies solutions where these errors can be suppressed through the application of „best practices“ and proper design.

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Whitepaper Cover: Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG


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