New Software for Process Industry Practical Tools for Property Calculations

From Wolfgang Ernhofer

Two new software programs make it easy to calculate and compare water, steam and heat transfer fluid properties

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Würzburg/Germany – In the process industry, precise knowledge and the correct use of orga-nic substances play a central role in the long-term and cost-efficient ope-ration of plants. However, the research of suitable substances, their comparison and calculation often turns out to be quite laborious. To make this task easier, two practical tools are now available: the calcula-tion programs "Heat Transfer Fluids" and "Water and Steam".

The program "Heat Transfer Fluids" provides property values of heat transfer fluids for quick and easy calculation as well as comparisons. It contains both a complete overview of all fluid parameters and predefined fluid groups for the comparison of individual properties in detail. The special feature of the program is that all properties are calculated exclu-sively using precise approximation functions, which can be conveniently integrated into your own calculations. In addition to current fluids, the program also includes fluids that are no longer available to facilitate the search for suitable successor products with comparable qualities.

The program "Water and Steam" provides water and steam properties for the most common industrial applications up to 1000 bar or 2000 °C. The calculations are based on the equations of the International Associ-ation for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS). Pressure and temperature are used as a basis – but the properties can also be calcu-lated on the saturation line and in the wet steam area. This program also offers the possibility to easily integrate calculation modules into your own workbooks.

About the System Requirements

Both software programs were developed with Microsoft Excel and pro-vide the calculations either via pure table functions without macros or with macros. The installation files do not contain macros or program-ming. The macro templates are included and can be installed optionally. For the use of both programs Microsoft Excel in a version from 2010 is required.

About the Software Functions

Heat Transfer Fluids:

  • Calculate properties based on temperature inputs
  • Transfer calculation modules to your own workbooks
  • Compare general data to find a suitable fluid for your own appli-cation
  • Compare the physical properties of different fluids over the tem-perature range
  • Integrate approximation functions into your own workbooks (all approximation functions are included as ready-to-use macro templates)
  • Copy approximation functions and use them in other programs (all functions are also included as text string)

Water and Steam:

  • Calculate properties based on the input data pressure, tempera-ture and steam content (optional for wet steam)
  • Transfer calculation modules to your own workbooks
  • Calculate the following values: specific volume, density, specific enthalpy, specific isobaric heat capacity, specific isochoric heat capacity, specific internal energy, specific entropy, speed of sound, isentropic exponent, isobaric cubic expansion coefficient, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, thermal conductivity, prandtl number

Stefan Würz; Heat Transfer Fluids: Properties and Comparisons; 1st version 2021; Price: 249,00 EUR; ISBN: 978-3-8343-2471-9

Eine kostenfreie Demo-Version mit drei enthaltenen Fluiden und vollem Funktionsumfang kann hier heruntergeladen werden: Demo-Version Heat Transfer Fluids: Properties and Comparisons

Stefan Würz; Water and Steam; 1st version 2022; Price: 99,80 EUR; ISBN: 978-3-8343-2472-6

A demo version, which contains three fluids and offers the full functiona-lity, can be downloaded here: