Hygienic Pneumatic Cylinders Pneumatic Cylinders for the Food Industry

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Festo presents three new pneumatic cylinder drives that offer both corrosion resistance and food security. The standard cylinder DSBF and the round cylinder CRDSNU come with Festo's integrated self-regulating damping PPS while the counter acting cylinder DGRF was designed to handle components under difficult circumstances.

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Hygienic designed pneumatic cylinders by Festo: round cylinder CRDSNU (Picture: Festo)
Hygienic designed pneumatic cylinders by Festo: round cylinder CRDSNU (Picture: Festo)

The new self-regulating damping PPS makes adjusting the damping of hygienic pneumatic cylinders easier and less time consuming, the company says. According to Festo, dynamic damping can be achieved without manually interfering. Older cylinders often applied a pneumatic end cushoning that had to be adjusted manually, increasing station times and noise-level. Manual regulation was furthermore time consuming, especially when commisioning complex facilities with several dampened drive mechanisms.

PPS can achieve an optimal dampening without manual interference, Festo claims, even if parameter like friction or pressure change. Acceleration of components can, according to Festo, be reduced, leading to less abrasion and time-consuming vibration of parts and components. Self-regulating damping can be cheaper than shock absorbers and lack an adjusting screw making cleaning a lot easier.

Packing and lubrication grease are FDA-approved for the use in the food industry. Several cylinder head seals can be chosen according to the desired application of the cylinder: FDA-approved standard seals provide a long lifetime, while other seals work free of grease or in high or low temperatures (up to 120°C or down to -40°C).

The compact counter-acting cylinder DGRF combines precision with rigidity. Smooth surfaces and big radiusses shall make the cylinder easier to clean and less infected by corrosion. A version for free-of-grease operations is also available.