Controversial Plasticizer PFAS Production: 3M Announces Phase-Out

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The manufacture of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances is soon to come to an end at 3M. The company has also announced that it will stop using PFASs in its entire product portfolio by the end of 2025. In doing so, the manufacturer is pre-empting a possible ban in the EU and other countries.

3M plant, die Verwendung von PFAS in seinem gesamten Produktportfolio bis Ende 2025 einzustellen.
3M plant, die Verwendung von PFAS in seinem gesamten Produktportfolio bis Ende 2025 einzustellen.
(Bild: 3M)

The production of fluoropolymers, fluorinated liquids and PFAS-based additive products will soon be a thing of the past at 3M. This has now been announced by the company. The background to this is the EU's announcement that it intends to ban PFAS by 2025. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has also announced plans to limit PFAS in drinking water to current detection limits. Regulators in other countries, including Canada, Australia and Asia, are also addressing the issue. Customers and consumers are also increasingly interested in alternatives to additives. According to 3M, the challenges of managing companies and operations with PFAS-based products have also increasingly weighed on business results in recent years.

However, the manufacturer wants to provide customers with an “orderly transition.” For example, during the transition period, it intends to fulfill existing contractual obligations. “We have already reduced the use of PFAS over the past three years through continued research and development and will continue to develop new solutions for our customers,” 3M stated.


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