Valve Blocks One Unit – Several Functions

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Elaborate and complex process valve systems often feature extensive pipeworks and a big footprint. Now, valve specialist Gemü aims to reduce the space requirements for process plant with new multi–port valve blocks made of stainless steel.

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Gemü stainless steel multi-port valve block P600M
Gemü stainless steel multi-port valve block P600M
(Picture: Gemü)

The units combine various functions for the control of liquids and gases in the smallest possible space while increasing the performance capability of system components, Gemü states. The company offers CNC machined customised block designs with a wide range of functions: blending, splitting, diverting, draining, feeding or cleaning. Double shut offs, cross connections, safety and control functions as well as the integration of sensors, filters and check valves are also possible if desired. Gemü has been manufacturing sterile multi-port valve block systems made of stainless steel for 20 years for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.