Buying Used Machinery Old, not Obsolete: A Guide to Buying Second–Hand Equipment

Author / Editor: Krishnamoorthy Vishwanathan / Dominik Stephan

Looking for new analytical indstruments, lab equipment or machniery? Why not buy second hand? Equip Net India, a specialist in used laboratory instruments and production equipment, suggests measures to buyers to make the most of their purchasing deal – In this article, the background to the growing second-user revolution in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries is highlighted.

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Second-hand equipment ready to be dispatched, thus avoiding potential delays.
Second-hand equipment ready to be dispatched, thus avoiding potential delays.
(Source: Equip Net India)

Until recently, only cashstrapped start-ups and academic labs purchased second-hand equipment but now, things are different. Businesses of all shapes and sizes, from dynamic university spin-outs and cuttingedge research companies, to multinational, multi-facility giants, are all taking advantage of this equipment as it leads to monetary savings.

Businesses today operate in a financial climate where budgets are tight, yet the need for equipment continues to grow as manufacturers launch new improved models. As a result, a trend has emerged where even the largest corporate businesses are taking the plunge and buying second-hand user equipment, something that they would not have considered even two years ago.

Why Buy Second Hand?

There are many elements that contribute to this shift towards the need for second-hand equipment in India, including the exponential growth being seen in the market. The ability to save between 50–75 per cent of the new equipment cost is also an attractive factor. Budgets can be stretched further and cash saved for additional purchases.

In addition, second-hand equipment is generally available immediately. The equipment is delivered as soon as a purchase is completed; something that is not always guaranteed when one orders a new system.

The Trends for Used Machinery

Importantly, individual managers, and companies are now thinking differently about surplus and idle equipment and instrumentation. There have always been equipment dealers that buy assets at a lower price and then sell them for a profit.

But with the rise of the internet, and the development of specialists such as Equip Net that possess market knowledge and offer pricing expertise and systems for tracking and redeploying valuable assets, more and more companies are opting to purchase second-user manufacturing or packaging equipment.

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