Denmark: Merger in Bioeconomy Novozymes Acquires Organobalance

Editor: Alexander Stark

Novozymes has acquired the microbial research company Organobalance for an undisclosed amount.

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Novozymes' fermentation facility in Kalundborg, Denmark.
Novozymes' fermentation facility in Kalundborg, Denmark.
(Source: Novozymes)

Copenhagen/Denmark — Germany-based Organobalance owns a large collection of microbial strains, some of which date back to the 1920s, and is experienced in microbial screening and assay technology. It specializes in developing natural microbial solutions for customers and partners across a number of industries including food, feed, and animal health.

“The experience of Organobalance’s founding scientists, and the company’s know-how, immediately strengthen Novozymes’ existing capabilities within microbial technologies,” says Sebastian Søderberg, Vice President for New Business Development, Incubation & Acquisitions at Novozymes. Following the acquisition, Organobalance will be integrated into Novozymes’ global organization but will continue to be based in Germany.