Slurry Pumps New Slurry Pump Design Can Help to Increase Reliability While Lowering TCO

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Slurry pumps are real workhorses — under harsh conditions they transport often highly abrasive and corrosive slurries in applications that do not leave much room for compromises. ITT’s Goulds Pumps has spend significant efforts to design a hard-working pump that combines economically sound performance with high reliability, the company says. The result: a design that “provides a leap in productivity,“ John Manna, ITT’s vice president, global marketing, believes.

(Picture: ITT Goudl)
(Picture: ITT Goudl)

The requirements for a slurry pump are tough, especially in the field of mining and milling. Heavy duty abrasive products and harsh environmental conditions wear down even the most sturdy pumps. But also the requirements in terms of operation, like energy consumption or maintenance properties pose a serious challenge in an industry where time is money.

ITT now tries to meet this challenge with innovative pump designs. “The mining industry has seen dramatic improvements in extracting and crushing methods, and now this new pump provides that same leap in productivity for moving slurry,” John Manna, ITT’s vice president, global marketing, said.


And the results speak for themselves: ITT’s new XHD runs “Like clockwork… absolutely great,” said a customer, who had the chance to test the pump previous to its market release. Another customer, who uses the pump to process coal slurry to feed a cyclone, underlines the good operation properties of the device: “The XHD is easy to work on… the oil stays clean and the pumps run very quietly.”

This uncomplicated and reliable operation is the result of elaborate designs, using the latest computational fluid dynamics technology. Thereby, company officials explain, ITT’s engineers were able to optimise the hydraulic flow within the pumps. The results: higher efficiency, longer wear and lower power consumption. Five of the pump’s standard features are patented or have patents pending, noted Manna.

Extensive Input from Customers

“We asked our mining customers what they would like to see in a next-generation slurry pump, then gave it to them by combining more than 100 years of slurry-pumping experience with some innovative new technologies,” Manna said. “The XHD pump is designed to withstand the wear caused by pumping heavy-duty slurries, and to help operators get back in operation quickly when service is required. We are confident that the XHD pump will offer higher uptime and lower cost of ownership than any other slurry pump available today.”

Now the XHD pumps up to 2,950 m3, featuring a full metric, double wall design. The large diameter impeller enables slow motor speeds, resulting in higher efficiency, longer wear periods and lower power consumption. Early users confirm these claims: “The pump uses 7 to 9 motor amps less… the flow coming out of the bin is greater out of the XHD than the pump we’re replacing,” said a pump operator.