Pump Impeller New Impeller made of Silicon Carbide

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

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The horizontal centrifugal pumps MOS and UMOS work reliably with the dry running magnetic drive or with the non-contact hydrodynamic shaft seal developed by Bungartz. These slurry pumps are specifically used for the pumping of media that are not only hot, but also abrasive and corrosive like ammonium nitrate with dolomite, iron oxide, gypsum or dust slurries. A significant extension of the service life of the impeller is now achieved through the use of new hard-wearing material based on SiC. Silicon carbide is used as an insulator in high-temperature reactors. A new aspect is also the use of the wear-resistant material directly in the casing of the reliable centrifugal pumps. Here the SiC ceramics can be used at the exact point at which the wear directly occurs.