Single-Use Bioreactors New Control Unit Simplifies Upstream of Bioprocesses

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

A new bioprocess control unit for single-use bioreactors has been developed for pilot and production scales. In this way, Eppendorf wants to enable the seamless scaling of processes from R&D laboratories to pilot and production facilities.

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Eppendorf has developed a new control system for single-use bioreactors.
Eppendorf has developed a new control system for single-use bioreactors.
(Source: Eppendorf)

Hamburg/Germany — To reduce development costs and time-to-market for biologics, streamlining the transfer of upstream bioprocesses from research to production scale is a critical factor. To this end, Eppendorf introduces the Bioflo 720, a bioprocess control unit for pilot and production scale applications with single-use bioreactors. It makes processes from R&D labs to pilot and production plants seamlessly scalable.

Various software features help save time and increase efficiency and reproducibility. For example, inflation of flexible disposable bioreactors is automatically controlled, as is calibration of all connected DO sensors at once. A Scale Up Assist calculates scaling-related parameters based on constant peak velocity or power consumption per volume.

Gas flow control, sensor connections, pump options and software settings are freely configurable. With a footprint of only 81 x 87 cm (32 x 34 in.), the Bioflo 720 requires minimal space. Designed as a mobile control unit, it can be quickly deployed in any bioprocess project in research or regulated environments.