Finland: Hydrocarbon Cracking Neste Jacobs and Coolbrook to Develop New Olefin Cracking Technology

Editor: Alexander Stark

Neste Jacobs and Coolbrook in collaboration with University of Oxford’s Osney Thermo Fluids laboratory, University of Cambridge’s Whittle laboratory, and major chemical producers are developing a new process based on hydrocarbon cracking method, where ethylene, the core raw material for polyethylene is produced.

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Neste Oil produces VHVI base oils in Porvoo and Bahrain.
Neste Oil produces VHVI base oils in Porvoo and Bahrain.
(Source: Neste Oil)

Espoo/Finland — The Finish company is involved in the collaboration and development of this new technology with a team specializing in cracker technology, reaction kinetics, and modelling. “Our team has been co-operating in this project with Coolbrook for several years now and we are happy that this fruitful cooperation is continuing. We are expecting great results from this collaboration in ethylene production and we believe that this innovation has great export potential,” says Jarmo Suominen, CEO, Neste Jacobs.

“Coolbrook patented RDR (Roto Dynamic Reactor) technology improves cracking yields of olefins with about a third compared to the best technology available today. Significant financial benefits can be gained with RDR technology. It saves non-renewable resources, decreases radically side-products from ethylene cracking, and simplifies operations of ethylene production,” states Harri Johannesdahl, CEO, Coolbrook.

Details about RDR-Technology

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During the two-year project, a pilot reactor based on RDR technology will be built and tested. The pilot reactor will verify olefin yields and confirm reactor model combining kinetics and aerodynamics and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) results. The commercial launch of this new technology is expected during 2019.

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