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Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Ham-let, a global manufacturer of instrumentation valves and fittings for industrial and high purity fluid and gas delivery systems, has launched its upgraded H-99 Severe Service Needle Valve series.

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Ham-let H-99 Severe Service Needle Valves
Ham-let H-99 Severe Service Needle Valves
(Picture: Ham-let)

Ham-let H-99 Severe Service Needle Valves can accommodate for high pressure demands, have high temperature endurance and are suitable for a wide range of applications such as refineries, power-energy, hydrotreater and hydrocracker systems.

These all-new valves are a combination of eight different valve series encompassing the benefits of each thus creating one advanced series. They come as standard with: panel mounting, stem seals below stem threads, stem diffusion surfaces (choice of standard, regulating or non-rotating stem) and packing bolts.

The valves are also available in various end connection sizes and different body types.

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