China: Covid-19 Consequences Namur Annual Conference China Postponed to 2021

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Due to the Corona pandemic, Namur and Phoenix Contact jointly agreed to postpone the Namur Annual Conference China to August 2021.

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The Namur China Coference has been postponed to August 2021.
The Namur China Coference has been postponed to August 2021.
(Source: Deposit Photos)

Leverkusen/Germany — This year's Namur Annual Conference China was to take place under the motto “Enhanced Connectivity for Smart Production”. The organizers now announced that the event will be postponed to August 2021. The conference, which is sponsored by Phoenix Contact, was intensively prepared by the Namur China core team and Phoenix Contact local team. When reviewing the current global situation of Covid-19 during preparation, concerns on the uncertainty about the future development of the pandemic grew. „The associated restrictions might undermine the intensive technical exchange and the community spirit typical for this event,“ Namur announced.

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