Large Scale Plant Mitsui Chemicals to Construct Large Scale Plant for XDI

Editor: Doris Popp

Mitsui Chemicals announced that the Company will take its competitive edge in its world top share ophthalmic lens monomers and coatings & engineering materials to the next level by constructing a large scale plant for XDI within its Omuta Works (Kyushu, Japan).

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Mitsui Chemicals has Announced World's First Large Scale XDI Plant
Mitsui Chemicals has Announced World's First Large Scale XDI Plant
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Tokyo/Japan – XDI is a functional material made with proprietary technology and offered only by the Mitsui Chemicals Group. Extensively used in coatings & engineering materials, it is widely used in products requiring safety and durability such as adhesives for food packaging, in special inks and coating materials such as those used in solar cells and smartphones, and in high durability building sealants and highly safe microcapsules. Additional demand is also expected by product shifts from different materials.

XDI is also used in the Group’s high refractive index ophthalmic lens monomers, sold under the brand name MRTM Lens, which allow processing and design freedom, and have superior durability, clarity, impact resistance, and thinness.

“The new state-of-the-art XDI plant will not only enable Mitsui Chemicals to meet expanding demands for specialty coatings & engineering materials, but will also provide solutions to QOL needs for improved and more comfortable eyewear around the world,” says Satoshi Tsuruda, General Manager of Health Care Materials Division at Mitsui Chemicals.

With the establishment of its new XDI plant, Mitsui Chemicals will expand its global business and strengthen its competitive position for its ophthalmic lens monomers operations and coatings & engineering materials operations.