The Netherlands: 25,000 MTA MXDA Plant Mitsubishi Gas Chemical to Expand MXDA Production in Europe

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company announced the expansion of its Meta-xylenediamine (MXDA) production in Europe. In a first step, the company will build a 25,000 MTA plant in Rotterdam.

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Mitsubishi Gas Chemical plans to expand MXDA production in Europe. (symbolic image)
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical plans to expand MXDA production in Europe. (symbolic image)
(Source: Public Domain / Unsplash)

Rotterdam/The Netherlands — MGC is expanding its production capacity of MXDA to meet the market growth in the epoxy, polyamide and isocyanate sector. The group will be constructing a 25,000 MTA plant in Rotterdam through its newly established subsidiary, MGC Specialty Chemicals Netherlands B.V. The new plant is scheduled to start its operation in mid-2024. Two existing plants in Japan will be in full operation until the start-up of the new plant, and will continue to serve the fast growing markets in Asia.

MXDA is mainly used in epoxy coatings for infrastructure applications due to its excellent anticorrosion properties, and a long-term growth in the market is expected. The new plant will be located in Rotterdam to mainly meet the demand in Europe, which is the largest market for MXDA in this sector.

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