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Industrial pumps are important elements of the process industry. Mostly used for transferring liquids, air and gases, these pumps are also one of the major energy consumers in a plant which leads to significant overall costs. Industry players are therefore on the constant lookout for pumps that are both energy as well as cost efficient. We bring to you an insight into some of the latest energy efficient pumps available in the market today.

Numerous industries rely on pumps to carry out operations over a long period of time and therefore, it becomes vital to talk about energy efficient pumps.
Numerous industries rely on pumps to carry out operations over a long period of time and therefore, it becomes vital to talk about energy efficient pumps.
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The global industrial pumps market size is expected to reach 92.98 billion dollars by 2030 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.9 % from 2022 to 2030, according to a report by market research company Grand View Research. The main reason for this growth: rising investments in the exploration and production activities by the oil & gas companies, coupled with the growing adoption in the oil & gas industry across the globe, mentions the firm. The report further states that centrifugal pumps held the largest revenue share of over 65.0 % in 2021 owing to their increased applications in water supply, sewage disposal, food and beverage manufacturing, chemical, and oil & gas industries.

In this background, it is certain that the industrial pumps market is all set to expand but how many of these pumps are energy efficient? How many of these pumps help to reduce the total ownership costs for industry players while being the right pump for one’s operations? Numerous industries rely on pumps to dedicatedly and tirelessly carry out operations over a long period of time and therefore, it becomes vital to talk about energy efficient pumps.

From the wastewater treatment industry, the Germany-based company Netzsch, shares that when it comes to existing plants, there is a much greater focus on energy efficiency today than there had been during the planning of the original plant. Pumps are the most significant energy factor in wastewater treatment and conveying systems. Due to their long service life, the costs accrued during operation make up the lion’s share of the overall life cycle costs. Plant owners who use efficient, reliable pumping of the wastewater flow, therefore, save energy and money, adds the firm.

Plant owners who use energy efficient pumps save energy and money.
Plant owners who use energy efficient pumps save energy and money.
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What’s new in pumps?

Pump manufacturers are regularly introducing new solutions in the market. Here, we highlight and focus on some of these latest energy-efficient pumps:

Pump with seal-less magnetic drive

The US-based company Flowserve now offers its Durco Mark 3 ISO pump with a seal-less magnetic drive which is suitable for various sectors including petrochemicals, basic chemicals, fine and specialty chemicals as well as pharmaceuticals. With a special focus on safety, the seal-less magnetic drives help to solve issues regarding hard-to-seal chemical processes in hazardous environments.

The chemical process pump offers three configurations – CBMM Long Coupled; CBME Close Coupled for fluids up to 350 degrees C (662 degrees F) without cooling; and CBME Heat Barrier for fluids up to 400 degrees C (752 degrees F) without cooling. It also provides three superior quality containment shell options – Alloy C-4, High-efficiency Alloy C-4 and Ceramic no eddy current losses, which if flawed will still lead the pump to securely handle the harmful liquids without any difficulty. These pumps can function in extremely high temperatures and due to the availability of the three containment shell options, users can achieve energy efficiency as well as flexibility, thus leading to cost savings.

Peristaltic pump

Netzsch has developed the Peripro peristaltic pump for the wastewater industry. This type of displacement pump boasts of a long service life and ensures flexibility. The firm elaborates that it pumps media by mechanically deforming a hose in the pump housing. Also, the hose is compressed by rollers rotating on the rotor, which moves the compressed section along the hose to the medium.

The benefit of the large XXL rollers of the peristaltic pumps is that this makes the process gentle on the hose. They are also suitable for high pressure without compromising efficiency, energy consumption, or lubrication volume. The low sensitivity to abrasion by design and the low blocking risk are other factors to support the use of these pumps for wastewater applications. The robust hose is the only wear part, so the pump can be repaired quickly, if necessary, adds the company.

Oil-injected screw vacuum pumps

Next in line is the new GHS 1402-2002 VSD+ series from Atlas Copco. The company makes use of its existing range of GHS VSD+ variable speed-driven oil-injected screw vacuum pumps as the base for its latest innovation. Useful for vacuum cooling, vacuum chambers as well as the production of plastic components and food packaging, the compact new solution offers high performance.

It also comes with a controller which helps leaders from the sector in the ‘Industry 4.0’ scenario. The crucial new addition to the solution is the oil-injected screw element with compression optimization valves which proves beneficial for high pumping speeds for rough vacuum applications. In terms of energy costs, these vacuum pumps can save as much as 50 % or more.

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Dry screw vacuum pumps

In addition to this, Leybold has launched energy efficient dry screw vacuum pumps – Dryvac DV 800 and DV 500. Used in heat treatment or coating systems, these pumps can also be used as backing pumps in food packaging and operate without lubricants in the compression chamber. Completed with a networkable frequency converter as well as IE3 motors, the dry screw vacuum pumps make use of less energy and function efficiently due to its screw design which comes with a specially adapted variable pitch. Interestingly, these pumps do not require much maintenance and thus, help in reducing overall operating costs. For high pumping speed applications, DV 800 proves to be a good bet.

The demand for energy efficient pumps is growing and with the constant endeavour of pump manufacturers to develop new, powerful and efficient solutions, the market is still evolving. This helps industrial users to select the right energy efficient pumps for all their plant operations.