Heat-Transfer Fluids Major Heat-Transfer-Fluid Plant Expansion Nears Completion

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

A major plant expansion by Eastman Chemical Co. that will double the European production capacity for its Therminol-branded heat-transfer fluids is approaching completion in Newport, Wales, United Kingdom.

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Eastman's (from left) Wilfried Ruiling, Nancy Wall, Jared White and Matthias Schopf
Eastman's (from left) Wilfried Ruiling, Nancy Wall, Jared White and Matthias Schopf
(Picture: Jenkins)

The new plant, which sits on an existing Eastman site, will manufacture primarily Therminol-66, Eastman’s most popular high-temperature heat-transfer fluid. The Wales plant complements Eastman’s current production facility in Anniston, Ala., which supplies customers with Therminol products, a brand that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013.

“The new plant construction represents a response to expanding customer demand for Therminol products,” says Jared White, Eastman’s Therminol Global Business Manager. “It was important for the company to be able to balance its production of heat-transfer fluids based on where the needs are,” adds Nancy Wall, the Global Director of Commercial Services at Eastman.

“We have seen a strong wave of demand for heat-transfer fluids in the oil & gas sector that is related to increased production from shale deposits in North America,” says White. “The renewable energy sector has been a source of demand growth in Europe,” adds Wilfried Ruiling, Commercial Director, EMEA Specialty Fluids.

At the fair Eastman is seeking to learn from its customers in an effort to anticipate needs and market changes. In addition to the plant expansion, the Eastman contingent at the exhibition commented that the company is also expanding its fluid-testing offerings, with two new testing laboratories to serve Latin America and Asia. Eastman analyzes 2,500 heat-transfer fluid samples from customers every year, a number that Ruiling says is growing. These testing laboratories are dedicated to analyzing customer samples, with dedicated personnel for the tests, an arrangement that allows Eastman to provide recommendations to customers based on decades of experience in supplying and analyzing heat-transfer fluids. Also, a new Eastman video details best practices for customers, helping them take samples safely and without contamination.