Sweden: Turnaround/Maintenance Lysekil Refinery Turnaround Completed

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Industrial services specialist Voith has just executed a turnaround at Preem's Lysekil refinery in Sweden. The scheduled downtime was also used to exchange a worn-out furnace, which proved to be faulty on initial inspection.

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Voith Industrial Services provided specific services for Preem turnaround.
Voith Industrial Services provided specific services for Preem turnaround.
(Source: Voith)

Stockholm/Sweden – In addition to the regular turnaround services, the industrial services provider had a specific job on a large furnace, which was expanded after opening and inspecting the vessel. The examination of the piping showed fatigue and cracks. As a result, the customer decided to change all sub-headers and all piping.

Voith's Industrial Services branch manufactured the six new sub-headers, manifolds connecting all the vertical pipes, in their workshop in Gothenburg, while waiting for the production of the 240 new pipes.

Delivery Without A Leak

When the installation took place in July and August 2016, about 45 employees of the industrial services provider worked at the customer site in order to make more than 600 welds in two shifts. The installation of the 16-meter-long piping, entering the vessel from the top some 30 meter above the ground, proved to be challenging.

After a special pressure test with nitrogen at more than 150 bar, the project was delivered to Preem without a single leak. More than 250 flange connections were successfully assembled by Voith Industrial Services.

Turnaround at Second Swedish Refinery

In November, the industrial services provider is providing similar services to another Swedish refinery. The team was awarded this project because of the good job they did in Lysekil.

Hans P. Svensgaard, Sales Manager at Voith Industrial Services in Denmark: “We are glad that we were again able to convince the customer of our performance and we are looking forward to the turnaround in Lysekil in spring 2017 for which we have tendered for a similar job.”

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