Expansion Plans Kubota Acquires One of the World's Largest Gravimetric Feeding System Firms

Source: Press release Ahlam Rais

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Kubota Corporation has taken over Brabender Technologie, one of the largest gravimetric feeding system firms in the world. With this move, the company intends to further expand its business in the gravimetric and volumetric feeder market.

A meeting between representatives of Kubota Corporation and Brabender Technologie.
A meeting between representatives of Kubota Corporation and Brabender Technologie.
(Source: Brabender Technologie)

Duisburg/Germany – Effective June 16, 2022, Kubota Corporation acquired all shares in Brabender Technologie and made it a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubota Holdings Europe. The consummation of the transaction is envisaged for early August 2022.

Japan's Kubota Corporation, with its mature technological knowledge, operates in a wide range of business areas: agricultural solutions that support feeding the world, water-related solutions that regenerate water and provide safe water, and habitat solutions that support comfortable lifestyles and industry. Kubota Corporation's gravimetric feeders are mainly used in production processes for powders and granules in Japan, China, Korea, and the rest of Asia, where they hold a high market share.

Brabender Technologie has become one of the world's largest gravimetric feeding systems companies, with not only enormous technical expertise, but also expertise in handling a variety of materials with many years of experience in different industry-specific applications.

As part of the same group, Kubota and Brabender Technologie will further expand their business in the gravimetric and volumetric feeder market with a targeted manner in the future. Bruno Dautzenberg, Managing Director of Brabender Technologie, explains, "Kubota Corporation's strengths in the Asian market perfectly complement our technology, technical know-how and existing sales and service network in the European and American markets."

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Business is to be intensified in the industries of battery manufacturing, for pharmaceutical applications and food. The steadily growing demand for continuous processes in industrial production will also be served jointly in the future. This is because growth is expected in various areas due to the global shift in manufacturing processes towards automation.

Gravimetric feeders are used to continuously feed various materials such as powders, granulates and liquids with high precision into the processes of the technical plastics, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. By controlling the weight of the material in real time, materials can be metered reliably and with high accuracy to meet the high demands for quality and precision in the manufacturing industry.

Bruno Dautzenberg, Managing Director Brabender Technologie: "The integration into the Kubota Group creates synergies and new market potential, which can be optimally exploited with the technical capabilities and comprehensive know-how of both companies. In the future, we will be able to jointly drive the development of innovative technical solutions and thus the expansion of the product range."


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