Spain: Pulp & Paper Kemira Starts Production of Strength Resin in Spain

Editor: Alexander Stark

Kemira has started up production in its new strength resin plant located in Estella, Spain. The strength resins produced at the plant are used in tissue, laminate, specialty and packaging as well as food and liquid packaging boards.

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Kemira Headoffice in Helsinki, Finland
Kemira Headoffice in Helsinki, Finland
(Source: Kemira)

Helsinki/Finland — With the new plant, the company wants to serve the growing demand of tissue, paper and board grades in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East region.

“Estella plant utilizes the most advanced production technologies, ensuring the highest purity and efficiency wet strength resins on the market”, says Eric Padovani, Senior Manager, Marketing, Pulp & Paper, Emea. “This is vital for meeting the present and upcoming standards required by the tissue, paper and board industry in even the most stringent countries such as Germany.

The company announced that it "continues to invest in growing markets and value-adding product lines, and is committed to serve the pulp and paper industry."