China: Revamping of FCC Units KBR Supplies Upgrade of Fluid Catalytic Cracker

Editor: Alexander Stark

The Fluid Catalytic Cracker supplier KBR has been awarded a license and basic engineering design contract for the revamp of a Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) unit with Maxofin technology.

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Houston, Texas/USA – The project is located in Shandong Province in China. KBR will provide the licensing package for the Maxofin conversion.

Maxofin technology, developed by KBR, enables upgrade of existing FCC units to produce higher amounts of propylene, while still retaining the flexibility to produce more gasoline when market demand or prices are favorable.

John Derbyshire, President of KBR Technology & Consulting, said, “This project demonstrates our commitment to deliver innovative technologies that help the client meet their performance objectives.”

“Maxofin technology is a flexible option to help clients increase their propylene production without major grassroots capital investment,” continued Derbyshire. The value of the contract was undisclosed.