Smart Process Technology Joint Venture Between Samson and Krohne Develops Intelligent Process Nodes

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

This could change the market: Samson and Krohne set up a joint venture. The 50:50 joint venture is called Focus-On and will initially help a new intelligent process node that integrates valve functions with flow, pressure and temperature measurement to break through the market.

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Joint appearance of the CEOs: Stephan Neuburger (Krohne, left) and Dr. Andreas Widl (Samson, right) in front of the unveiled Focus-On
Joint appearance of the CEOs: Stephan Neuburger (Krohne, left) and Dr. Andreas Widl (Samson, right) in front of the unveiled Focus-On
(Source: Geipel-Kern)

Frankfurt/Germany — Krohne and Samson had invited to the joint press conference and had called up the entire management crew. In the run-up: a big secret about the announced novelty and presenter Thomas Tauchnitz, former Sanofi-Aventis and Namur board member, now consultant in digitalization, added one more thing. “What we see today will change the flow charts.”

Then the show started. First the CEOs Dr. Andreas Widl from Samson and Stephan Neuburger, Krohne. Both highlighted the similarities between the two medium-sized companies. Samson and Krone not only have a similar customer base, the products also fit together, stressed Neuburger. But not only products have to fit together, but also cultures, people and trust.


Trust will also be the basis of the cooperation. Ideas were brought together, the best people put to work and developed in just nine months Focus-On: an intelligent process node with adaptive control that integrates sensors, actuators and control.

The module measures the flow in a pipeline and independently regulates its valve function according to the specified setpoints. This will increase plant availability and in future also reduce plant complexity. To achieve this, however, it is necessary to link into the engineering workflow much earlier, said Samson CTO Dr. Thomas Steckenreiter. The integrated measurement sensors for flow, temperature and pressure enable the device to detect and predict cavitation, for example. The concept is particularly interesting for skid manufacturers, as it saves space and engineering effort.

Future vision autonomous factory

The participants believe that the concept is capable of great things. This was made clear by the future vision of an autonomous factory based on the autonomous process node presented jointly by Samson CTO Steckenreiter and Krohne CTO Dr. Attila Bilgic.

The “cooperation at eye level”, as Widl emphasised, will for the time being lead to a joint company. The 50:50 joint venture operates from Dordrecht in the Netherlands and is managed by André Boer (Krohne) and Kavreet Bhangu (Samson). The aim now is to help the new concept achieve a market breakthrough and to convince the conservative industry of the new architecture. There are already five test customers, said Neuburger. The Ex-certificates are expected in the next six months.