Mobile Devices Intelligent HMI Displays for Mobile Devices

Editor: Dominik Stephan

From Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) comes the new, intelligent VSX family of HMI displays for mobile applications. Featuring the support for safety-orientated use cases in accordance with SIL2, a range of different sizes and a sophisticated toolchain for graphic programming, the VSX-series represents an innovative HMI generation, providing users with an unequaled degree of scalable functionality.

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STW introduces a new range of intelligent HMI displays for mobile machines
STW introduces a new range of intelligent HMI displays for mobile machines
(Picture: STW)

For display applications in mobile machines, e.g. communal vehicles, the most important feature is robustness. The VSX displays fulfill this requirement with a highly durable housing, the resistance against electromagnetic influences and a touchscreen in GFG technology, which combines the advantages of resistive touchscreens with the possibility of achieving input according to SIL2. All members of the VSX display family are based on the same Cortex A9 DualCore processor architecture, and are all programmable with the same development and support tool DevKit. IFAT: A5/116

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