Viscosity Determination Inline Viscometer for Hazardous Areas

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

You’re looking for a reliable viscosity determination during the production process?

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L-Vis 520 Ex: ready for 24-hour production monitoring
L-Vis 520 Ex: ready for 24-hour production monitoring
(Picture: Anton Paar)

The L-Vis 520 Ex inline viscometer from Anton Paar continuously displays the viscosity and temperature of petrochemicals, lubricants, detergents, coatings, starch adhesives, ceramic slips, viscose and many more process liquids. It is ideal for monitoring suspensions and emulsions and is certified for use in hazardous areas.

The viscometer uses a completely new measuring principle based on the measurement of dynamic fluid pressure, which is proportional to a fluid’s viscosity. It is immersed directly in the production liquid in the pipe or stirring tank, with no need for a bypass. L-Vis 520 Ex provides stable results, even under adverse conditions: drops in pressure or flow rate do not affect the measurement. The viscosity range covered is from 1 to 50,000 mPa·s.

Viscosity results can be compared with laboratory values to give more insight into the production process. Continuous monitoring of the viscosity in tanks and pipes helps optimize the use of rheology modifiers, for example.

The inline viscometer can be used to achieve consistent product quality and reduce reject product. Data exported to a controller can be used to keep the production process in a defined viscosity range.