Inspection Systems Improved Performances of Inspection Machines for Pharmaceutical Products

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Antares Vision’s newest inspection technologies are able to guarantee extraordinary performances both for the improved of the throughput, reaching a speed up to 30,000 bottles/hour and 300,000 tablets/hour. The accuracy of the inspection of the new machine range is also extraordinary, going to detect defects up to 40 μm.

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The Argo rotating vial machine inspects glass and plastic containers.
The Argo rotating vial machine inspects glass and plastic containers.
(Picture: Antares Vision)

The Tablets and Capsules Inspector is an automatic standalone machine designed to inspect a wide range of pharmaceutical products. TCI gently manipulates the product assuring the detection of even the smallest defect or imperfection by six color high resolutions cameras that acquire up to 12 images per product with an image resolution up to 0.002 square millimeter. Capsules and tablets are illuminated by customized white LED lights using different lighting techniques (dark field and bright field light). Defects identified on tablets and capsules include damaged edges, colour deviation, dots, dirt, uneven surfaces, cracks, dents, chips, holes, joints, coating defects, low imprint or embossed quality.


Products found to be defective following the analysis are automatically rejected by an air blow into a specific reject stainless steel container. The active optical detector for products output verification ensures fail-safe and reliable operation on the singly rejected products and on the good products.

With 15 electronic eyes, the Vials Linear Inspector series (VLI) is capable of simultaneously detecting dents, anomalies, scratches, chips, any foreign bodies in the bottles containing medical powder. VLI is able to preform controls on vials in medical glass of various formats, with a diameter going from 24 to 50 millimetres. The machine is able to control up to 18.000 vials/ hour, automatically rejecting faulty ones: the control inspects the overall glass body of the bottle, its closing elements and the powder itself.

Vials Rotating Inspector (VRI) machines are inline and standalone machines designed to inspect a wide range of glass or plastic medical containers for liquids, powder or lyophilized drugs. VRI are made of four product families and ten different models to cover all inspection needs. The Argo and Angkor machines, specifically, are intended for visual particulate and cosmetic inspection, while Icon is designed to check the container integrity (especially for sterile products) and the Evo machines range is a combination of all the aforementioned functions in one single unit mono-block machine. Depending on container formats, the VRI range can inspect up to a speed of 30,000 units /hour.

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