UK: Practical Guides for Chemical Engineers Icheme Offers Free Safety Resources

Editor: Alexander Stark |

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Seveso disaster, the Institution of Chemical Engineers (Icheme) offers free safety resources to members and non-members.

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Warwickshire/UK – Process safety is a major part of the study and practice of chemical engineering. To encourage knowledge transfer and the sharing of good practice, Icheme has made several resources freely available.

These include a download of the second Trevor Kletz lecture. The lecture was delivered by the Honourable Mr Justice Haddon Cave at the 26th Hazards Symposium in Edinburgh, Scotland. Staged annually by Icheme in association with the Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Centre.

The lecture examined ‘Lessons from the Nimrod Review’. The RAF Nimrod crash in 2006 was the biggest single loss of life to British service personnel in one incident since the Falklands War – Haddon-Cave, a British High Court judge, led the inquiry that followed. In his talk, Haddon-Cave describes the technical and human errors that occurred in the lead-up to the crash, and their relevance to the process industries. The lecture was described as ‘outstanding’ by conference delegates. Download the Trevor Kletz lecture, delivered by the Honorable Mr Justice Haddon-Cave

Other free resources on offer include safety guidance from the Icheme Safety Centre (Isc). Two publications are available, including Process Safety Competency – A Model and Lead Process Safety Metrics – selecting, tracking and learning. Both documents were written by Isc member companies, including Exxon Mobil. Rio Tinto, Shell and Worley Parsons. Download

The ISC also launched its ‘Safety Case Studies’ at Hazards 26, developed to improve the way process safety training was delivered in-house. The case studies consist of interactive videos, aimed at tackling hindsight bias. Interactive videos deliver more effective training than before, and can be applied to the day-to-day running of a coal mine, gas plant or tank farm. Download

IChemE is also promoting the Remembering Bhopal edition of its Loss Prevention Bulletin (LPB), first published in 2014 to commemorate 30 years since the Bhopal gas tragedy. The issue is provided in advance of LPB’s next free anniversary edition, due for publication in October. Access the free issue of Loss Prevention Bulletin – Remembering Bhopal

The 2016 anniversary issue will reflect on several anniversaries including; 100 years since the Faversham explosion (UK), 50 years since the Feyzin disaster (France), 40 years since Seveso (Italy), and 30 years since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster (Ukraine) and the Sandoz spill (Switzerland). These incidents all had an impact on process safety thinking and the free publication will reflect on lessons learnt and what is still to be done in the process safety space. Free process safety guidance from IChemE’s Safety Centre