How to Remove Trace Impurities in Chromatography Analytics

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Where to Use Sartobind Adsorbers

Sartobind Q capsules can be used in the following applications:

  • In separation of large biomolecules. Note: For bind and elute application 8 mm capsule are optimized, e.g. with a reduced void volume
  • Removal of contaminants
  • Ultra rapid concentration of proteins from highly dilute solutions
  • Rapid screening for binding conditions of biomolecules
  • Separation of labile proteins
  • Sartobind Q capsule applications in flowthrough mode help in efficient removal of:
  • DNA below detection limit
  • Host cell proteins up to 99 per cent
  • Endotoxins up to >5 log
  • Viruses up to >6 log

Example: In a generic downstream process for the production of a monoclonal antibody, the main capturing steps are followed by the polishing step(s) and later the anion exchanger is applied in the process, low level contaminants have to be removed.


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Technical Performance of Membrane Adsorbers

Fluid distribution: Different capsule sizes of Sartobind SingleSep family are scalable as the fluid distribution is similar. For e.g. in 10“ element of a 10“ capsule and three 10“ element in a 30“ capsule the fluid distribution is similar upon staining with Ponceau S.

The dye covered the first and second layers evenly dark red. The third layer was light red and the fourth layers faint red. Subsequent layers stayed white. As the SingleSep mega consists of 9x10 inch elements it can be deduced that this device fits into the scale-up scheme as well.

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