Pharmaceutical Production How to Produce one Billion Capsules per Year

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Over the last two years, MG2, a world leader in the design and marketing of dosing machines for hard shell capsules and end-of-line solutions, has strengthened its presence in the Indian market. Moreover, the company’s successful collaboration with Zydus Cadila, a leading pharmaceutical organization in India, has resulted in mutual benefits and also enabled the latter to resolve high-volume production issues.

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G250 capsule lid transfer wheel
G250 capsule lid transfer wheel
(Picture: M2G)

It is a story of great success – the collaboration between Zydus Cadila and the Bolognese company MG2 has brought about huge benefits to both. The former, an innovative pharmaceutical organization that operates at a global level has found a partner able to perfectly meet its requirements in manufacturing huge quantities of capsules, and today this company entrusts a part of its production to two capsule fillers Mod.

G250 equipped with in-process NETT weight control system offered by the latter. For the Bolognese company, the partnership with the Indian firm has become the ‘bridgehead’ for an important expansion in the local market, which is rising strongly.

Big Production Batches or Flexibility – Which is Best for Pharmaceutical Production?

From a technological point of view, the Indian market usually requires two kinds of solutions. The first one involves big production batches and calls for high-performance machines, often mono product.

In the second case, the production capability is a secondary issue, while it is crucial to have a high level of flexibility. For example, the active principle is often delivered as micro-tablets, which are combined in different quantities inside the capsule in order to get different dosages.

The wide range of solutions offered by MG2 enables to meet both the requirements, but in this specific case Zydus Cadila needed to have machines suitable to handle high production volumes. The requirement involved an estimated production of one billion capsules per year. In order to meet such high volume needs, the best solution for Zydus Cadila was to opt for two G250 capsule fillers.

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