Optimizing microbial fermentation for Pharma and Food Tec

How to improve multi-variant production processes with AI

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The efficiency of a fermentation process in pharma or food production often remains unchallenged for years, unless there are acute issues. The white paper gives insights on how to use Artificial Intelligence to improve this process.

The following paper will provide you with an introduction on how VAYU Sense revolutionizes this critical process using Artificial Intelligence (AI). To start out, a brief overview of the industry problems will be given. Furthermore, it will be explained in what way the VAYU Sense Solution solves them. Then, the positive business benefits as well as the beneficial production impact of the solution will be outlined. Finally, the way the solution works, will be explained.

You will find out more about:

  • Description of conventional solutions currently available to stabilize fermentation
  • How AI can stabilize and improve the overall production process.
  • How an AI-based production approach works and what its advantages are
  • Results that can be achieved with an AI-approach – especially in terms of yield increase, process robustness and stability
  • The impact of AI on the sustainability of your production

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