A Sucess Story in Sealing How Ami Polymer Became a Go–To Name for Pharmerging India's Lifescience Branch

Author / Editor: Swati Deshpande / Dominik Stephan

The company enjoys a high reputation among the major pharmaceutical giants in India. Thanks to the strong R&D capabilities and competitive portfolio of the company, it is progressing towards growth. Read on to know more about it.

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One of the manufacturing unit facilities of Ami Polymer.
One of the manufacturing unit facilities of Ami Polymer.
(Picture: Ami Polymer)

Ami Polymer (APPL) started its operations in 1996 to manufacture a wide range of silicone rubber products for intricate applications in the fields of food & beverage, pharmaceutical, medical and heavy engineering in India as well as abroad. “The company has two manufacturing units located in Silvassa and Mumbai. Our facilities ensure that we are able to provide the best-in-class products for our global customers,” mentioned Managing Director, Ami Polymer, Alpesh Gandhi.

These manufacturing units include 14 extrusion lines, 25 molded presses and five mixing units. The company also has an in-house Hose Crimping & Hydrotest testing facility.

The facility at Silvassa was inaugurated in 2008 and was further expanded in 2013. Besides this, the company also has an in-house tool room facility that is equipped with the latest CNC and VMC machineries.

“Our die making capability for the rubber industry is one of the best in the country. Innovative design, best machineries and craftsmanship work in harmony to achieve perfection in tool making. Our in-house tool room helps us to serve our customers faster,” said Gandhi.

R&D Efforts for the Edge in Technology

Additionally, APPL has a R&D Center at Silvassa that plays a crucial role in building new products and solutions that sustain the company’s competitive advantage. While highlighting the importance of the R&D center, Gandhi said, “It keeps the company future-ready and drives its gamechanging businesses of the future. Going beyond improving APPL’s existing products and services, the center creates innovations that not only meet but also anticipate the consumers’requirements.”

The R&D center is equipped with the latest CAD/CAM software that enables talented engineers and technicians to design and develop innovative products, that meet the stringent specifications.

Innovation Comes in Many Forms

The company’s bi-color silicone tube for the purpose of color coding is one of the examples of the innovations brought out by the company’s R&D Center. “In 2014, APPL introduced this innovation for enabling the customers to avoid the cross contamination problem,” shared Gandhi. Another example of the company’s R&D capabilities is the Silicone Thunder Braided Hose with ss wire reinforcement of 100 mm ID, which was introduced in 2015.

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