Reorganization Hartmut Eckert is Managing Director of the new founded AZO Global Product Center

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With the aim of consistently positioning itself for the future, the specialist for automation solutions has founded a new company, AZO Global Product Center GmbH & Co. KG on 1 January 2023.

CEO Rainer Zimmermann (left) and Managing Director Hartmut Eckert (rgiht)
CEO Rainer Zimmermann (left) and Managing Director Hartmut Eckert (rgiht)

The new company is where the products that AZO sells worldwide are created — from the first draft to the detailed customer-specific adaptation design and production to documentation. In this way, AZO focuses on entrepreneurial responsibility and market orientation. AZO’s solutions are in demand in more than 60 industries: from baby food to battery production to the recycling of plastics — the specific know-how of the raw material experts is the great asset.

The newly established AZO Global Product Center has around 240 employees.

AZO Global Product Center GmbH & Co. KG is led by Hartmut Eckert, born in 1967 — a “home-grown” of AZO. After his education and numerous further training courses as a technical business economist, business economist and REFA engineer, he became a member of the Executive Board in 2018.  

Through his diverse leadership positions in work preparation, production planning and control, production management as well as his role as production manager and by accompanying numerous transformation and change projects, he understands how to provide orientation, clarity, and certainty of action. Coupled with his extensive knowledge in the fields of production organization, logistics, supply chain management, lean production, and the REFA methodology, he is the ideal choice for the Managing Director of the AZO Global Product Center. AZO’s CEO, Rainer Zimmermann, is also Managing Director of the new company.


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