Methanol Production Haldor Topsoe Becomes Technology Licensor of World’s Largest Methanol Plant

Editor: Alexander Stark

IGP Methanol has awarded Haldor Topsoe a contract for engineering of a methanol plant that will produce 1.8 million tons per year, which is part of a planned complex with a total production capacity of 7.2 million tons per year.

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This is how the Syncor plant for IGP Methanol will look like in two years.
This is how the Syncor plant for IGP Methanol will look like in two years.
(Bild: Haldor Topsoe)

Lyngby/Denmark — IGP plans to construct four identical Syncor Methanol plants as part of their Gulf Coast Methanol facility in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, in the US. For the construction of the world's largest methanol facility Topsoe's Syncor methanol technology has been chosen. According to James Lamoureaux, Managing Director, IGP Methanol, it has been essential for his company to select best-in-class technology. The methanol producer has chosen this technology because it offered high single-line capacity with the lowest emission per ton of methanol produced and unrivaled economies of scale.

A Syncor solution integrates modern catalysts, proprietary technology and equipment as part of the technology license. It is suitable for large-scale grassroots ammonia, methanol, Hyco and gas-to-liquid (GTL) plants, as well as Tigas gasoline plants and syngas hubs producing multiple products. IGP has secured natural gas supply, gas transportation, oxygen and nitrogen supply, as well as storage and loading partners for the Gulf Coast Methanol facility. Production is planned to begin in late 2020.

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