Aseptic Bottling GEA Procomac Enters Indian Market for Aseptic PET Bottling

Editor: Dominik Stephan

GEA Procomac, the GEA Group’s aseptic bottling specialist, has recently completed the first installation of its aseptic technology for PET bottling in India for the Amul Dairy.

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GEA Procomac breaks into Indian market for aseptic PET bottling
GEA Procomac breaks into Indian market for aseptic PET bottling
(Picture: GEA)

Anad/India – The Amul Dairy is a leading producer that has become a model for the Indian dairy industry. Its products are marketed under the popular Amul Kool and Amul Lassi brands. In an interview recorded for GEA Procomac, Mr. R S Sodhi, the Managing Director of Amul Dairy said the milk drinks were previously considered to be traditional, even old fashioned products by the youth of India. By changing the packaging from cartons or glass bottles to a much more trendy PET bottle, his company had not only reduced costs and enabled greatly increased production, but also made milk drinks contemporary and glamorous and even allowed the products to compete on equal terms with colas and other carbonated drinks on retail shelves.

The Story of PET Bottles Has Just Begun in india

Mr. Sodhi explained that until investing in the GEA Procomac aseptic filling line, the Amul Dairy had, for over ten years, sold flavoured milk drinks and drinking yogurt in glass bottles. He said that this had caused difficulties because during the peak season there were not enough glass bottles available. Also glass bottles are not as hygienic as PET bottles, they require storage space and they are heavy to transport around India.

Conversely PET bottles are made online so do not need to be stored. Mr. Sodhi said that he had been able to increase production ten fold without increasing the factory footprint and, as the weight of the PET bottles is negligible, the product is easier to transport.

A New Image with An New Packaging

But more important perhaps than the practical benefits of the production process is the enhanced image of the product when presented in PET bottles rather than glass bottles or cardboard cartons. “People already know about the product,” said Mr. Sodhi. “Today’s youth want something very contemporary and glamorous. It is our job to make the product available and affordable for them in a trendy packing. We have had an excellent response from customers.”

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