Cooling Gas Chiller for OEM Applications

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Particularly extractive gas analysis systems are in many cases fully sheltered in sealed houses, thus only affected by less stringent safety requirements than stand-alone applications. System integrators and OEM’s appreciate in such cases the availability of components equipped to satisfy the reduced standards and easy to install.

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TC-Standard OEM
TC-Standard OEM
(Source: Bühler)

For such applications Bühler, a Germany based global supplier of Gas Analysis Components, is launching the new TC Standard OEM chiller series. These units provide the same performance as the TC- Standard series for stand- alone applications but leave the outer protection case off. The exchangeable heat exchangers provide one or two independent gas paths and are available in different materials such as glass, PVDF and stainless steel. The cooling performance is 90 kJ/h, the power supply can be either 24VDC or 230/115V AC with transformer or switch-mode power supply.

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