Capsule Filling Flexibility, Scalability and Accuracy in the Inhalation Market

Source: MG2

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In an important market such as Europe (Germany), MG2 won the confidence of one of the largest European CDMOs which own production sites in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Switzerland and the US.

Machine deck of the Planeta 200 capsule filling machine. MG
Machine deck of the Planeta 200 capsule filling machine. MG
(Source: MGS2)

The Aenova Group shares its global footprint offering customized one-stop-shop solutions. The company’s site in Münster expands its portfolio of sophisticated products with high potent and low dosed APIs by inhalation powders - from product development, clinical batches up to commercial supply of the final market product.

The partnership with this important company was an opportunity for MG2 to assert its technological leadership. In fact, the company provided a commercial scale capsule filling machine that was able to produce such special drug products for inhalation purposes without compression and harm due to vacuum suction.


The technological key points have been the availability of both a powder dosing unit suitable to dose products from 5 mg to 40 mg and a state-of-the-art 100 % in-process net weight control system of each filled capsule, the so called Multinett. This system, which was introduced in the market more than ten years ago, has allowed MG2 to establish itself as leader thanks to both the dosage stability and precision, as well as the weights reading accuracy.

The capsule filling machine installed at Aenova Münster is a Planeta 200, with a speed of 100.000 capsules/hour, later scalable up to 200.000 capsules/hour. Thanks to the capsule filler modularity, the customer can integrate, over time, additional dosing units to also combine different dosage forms, e.g. pellets & powder, tablets & pellets and variations thereof.

For the German CDMO company the development and the industrialization of a pharmaceutical product for inhalation purposes was an important customer project and MG2 was a strong partner on the path of industrializing the product.

This has been possible thanks to the expertise of its pharmaceutical technicians, but also to the Pharma Zone, flagship of the MG2 work model which integrates the supply of technology to the opportunity to carry out both lab-scale trials and production batches into rooms being compliant to pharmaceutical standards.

The Pharma Zone allows, in fact, to carry out dosing trials both at the decision-making stage prior to the purchase of the machine and, once the technology has been acquired, during the setting-up phase necessary to start the real production.

In the specific case of Aenova in Münster, MG2 pharmaceutical technicians gave their valuable support both in the setting-up phase and in the product development phase by carrying out tests with comparative powders, thus allowing the customer to save a lot of time.

This experience not only represents an important moment of comparison with the customer, but also a test bench of the comprehensive offer proposed by the firm that supports its customers starting from production line designing, up to the supply of unique technological solutions and services offered by the Technical Support Service Department.

Both parties are looking forward to continuing their successful cooperation: it will thus be possible to join the knowledge they gained from their engineering experience and their GMP point of view to improve patients’ health worldwide. The next milestone to master is the installation of the versatile & flexible R&D capsule filling machine, model Flexalab.


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