Tanzania: Largest Fertilizer Plant in Africa Fertilizer Produced from Natural Gas

Editor: Alexander Stark

Tanzania plans to start work this year on a $ 3 billion fertiliser plant, along with a consortium from Germany, Denmark and Pakistan. The plant will use natural gas to produce fertiliser.

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Dar es Salaam/Tanzania – A consortium led by the German company Ferrostaal Industrial Projects is going to exclusively develop a fertilizer complex in Tanzania together with the state-owned Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation.

"The plant, which will become Africa's biggest fertiliser producer, will have a capacity of producing 3,800 tonnes per day," Reuters quotes the President of Tanzania's office.

Carsten Schneider, Ferrostaal's leader of the project, confirmed the company will proceed with the project and that the plant will be operational in 2021. It will be built in southern Tanzania near big offshore gas finds and is expected to be commissioned in 2020.

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