USA: Plant Operations Exxon Mobil Launches New Online Platform for Optimising Plant Performance

Editor: Ahlam Rais

The new ‘In Focus Online Platform’ currently offers an online lube optimisation model which optimises product mix, maximises operational value and evaluates feed flexibility. It also comprises of a unit monitoring tool which identifies and analyzes potential operational concerns.

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The ‘In Focus Online Platform’ is designed for refineries and chemical plants using Exxon Mobil-based technology.
The ‘In Focus Online Platform’ is designed for refineries and chemical plants using Exxon Mobil-based technology.
(Source: Business Wire)

Houston/USA – Exxon Mobil has recently announced that Exxon Mobil Catalysts and Licensing has launched its ‘In Focus Online Platform’ to help customers optimise plant performance, increase operational efficiency and minimise production interruptions. Users can now use secure, near-real-time data to make faster, more informed decisions and collaborate more easily with Exxon Mobil technical support. The platform has been tested and piloted with early adopters and has already been fully deployed in multiple facilities.

“Our customers are under increasing pressure to improve profitability and be more efficient,” said Dan Moore, president of Exxon Mobil Catalysts and Licensing. “Our In Focus Platform will provide deeper insight into their operations and will enable concrete recommendations on ways to optimise plant performance and minimise interruptions. The platform’s common data view enhances collaboration between the operator and Exxon Mobil experts. Access to technical expertise and trusted advice defines our customer experience. This technology enhances this value and we are excited to get it into our customers’ hands.”

Leveraging more than a century of experience in refinery and chemical plant leadership, the cloud-based In Focus Platform currently provides two solutions.

The predictive tool enables users to quickly and cost effectively test the impact of feedstock and operational changes on lube product yields and quality. Developed from years of Exxon Mobil expertise and experience, the tool can also be tuned to match actual unit performance, delivering valuable data enabling users to evaluate feed flexibility, optimise product mix and maximise operational value.

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The In Focus online lube optimisation model includes lube hydrocracker (LHDC) and MSDW dewaxing technology modules, which can be run independently or linked. Each module predicts process performance, product yields and qualities based on key operating variables such as average reactor temperature, space velocity, pressure, product fractionation cut point and separation efficiency.

The In Focus unit monitoring tool enables timely technical insights to improve process performance. Drawing on Exxon Mobil’s breadth of technical and operational experience, the monitoring tool provides users with easier access to Exxon Mobil expertise, early identification of potential operational concerns and more meaningful analysis.