Exxon Chemical Plant Exxon Mobil Doubled Capacity of its Singapore Chemical plant

Editor: Dominik Stephan

'Big Oil' taps into the chemical growth markets of Asia–Pacific: Exxon Mobil has doubled the production capacity of its Singapore plant in the largest chemical expansion project in the company’s history.

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Expansion finished: Exxon Mobil has doubled the capacity of its Singapore chemicals plant.
Expansion finished: Exxon Mobil has doubled the capacity of its Singapore chemicals plant.
(Picture: Exxon Mobil)

Singapore – The newly expanded facility delivers up to 2.6 million tons of additional finished products per year, thereby accounting for around one-quarter of Exxon’s global chemical capacity and incorporates more than 40 new proprietary technologies. Heart of the expansion is a new, world scale ethylene steam cracker, that allows the processing of a unprecedented range of feedstock, from light gases to crude oil, to produce an expanded slate of premium and commodity petrochemicals.

The expansion includes two new new polyethylene plants, a polypropylene plant, a metallocene elastomers unit, an oxo-alcohol unit and an aromatics expansion. Electricity and heat is supplied by an on–site 220 megawatt cogeneration plan. Now Singapore will be the first Asian Exxon site to produce the company's proprietary specialty elastomers and metallocene-based polyethylene.

Exxon's Singapore Plant Uniquely Positioned to Supply Asia–Pacific

The company expects a high demand for petrochemicals and basic chemicals, especially in Asia, as Rex W. Tillerson, Exxon Mobil's CEO, stated at the opening ceremony: “Global chemical demand will grow at a faster pace than GDP as people seek higher standards of living and purchase more household and packaged goods manufactured with chemical products. Two-thirds of that growth in chemical demand will be here in the Asia-Pacific region. Exxon Mobil’s expanded Singapore chemical plant is uniquely positioned to serve these growth markets – from China to the Indian subcontinent and beyond.”

Largest Investment Project in Singapore's History

Leo Yip, chairman of the Singapore Economic Development Board, added, “The official opening of Exxon Mobil’s Singapore Chemical Plant Expansion enhances Singapore’s leadership position as Asia’s energy and chemicals hub. This latest investment – the single largest manufacturing investment in Singapore’s history – is testament to our ability to successfully attract and execute complex mega-projects. The expansion of Exxon Mobil’s chemical plant will create meaningful and exciting career opportunities for Singaporeans and also enable Singapore to broaden our chemicals industry with higher-value downstream chemical facilities.”

The expansion will increase the chemical plant workforce by 50 percent, bringing total employment at Exxon Mobil’s Singapore refining and chemical complex to 1,800.

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