China: Joint Venture Evonik and Wynca Break Ground for New Fumed Silica Plant in Zhenjiang

Editor: Alexander Stark

The joint venture between Evonik and the Chinese company Wynca — Evonik Wynca (Zhenjiang) Silicon Material — has officially started the construction on a new fumed silica plant in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China.

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Evonik and Wynca celebrate the groundbreaking of a new fumed silica plant in Zhenjiang.
Evonik and Wynca celebrate the groundbreaking of a new fumed silica plant in Zhenjiang.
(Source: Evonik)

Zhenjiang/China — Together with the business partners, representatives from local government and media, Evonik and Wynca celebrated the ground-breaking ceremony for a new fumed silica plant in the Zhenjiang New Material Industry Park. Scheduled to become operational in 2021 with a projected annual output of 9000 metric tons, the new plant will produce fumed silica marketed under the name Aerosil, in order to fulfil the market demand for silicones, coatings and paints, modern adhesives and gel batteries in China.

As a kind of Smart Materials, silica belongs to one of the four strategic growth engines identified by Evonik because of its rapid market growth and extensive applications. As the company's first fumed silica plant in China, the new plant in Zhenjiang is to further improve the global production network of Aerosil and ensure a more solid supply for Chinese customers.

The by-product hydrochloric acid will also be fully utilized as a raw material for Wynca Zhenjiang Site. This integrated production loop is expected to make full use of by-products from each side and achieve perfect resource recycling and synergies among organic silicon monomer, chlorosilane and fumed silica production.

Fumed silica is an important high-tech nanomaterial with an annual market growth above GDP on a global basis. China is among the countries with the fastest growing market size and demand for fumed silica. Key drivers for this market in China include the silicone industry for adhesives and sealants in buildings and cars as well as gel batteries.