Joint Commercialisation Agreement Emerson Partners with Integra CMS for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Editor: Ahlam Rais

With an aim to accelerate the adoption of continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing, Emerson and Integra CMS have signed a joint agreement. The deal is expected to expand pioneering research and improve manufacturing cost and quality in the industry.

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Emerson and Integra CMS are collaborating to provide life sciences customers with end-to-end support for continuous manufacturing processes.
Emerson and Integra CMS are collaborating to provide life sciences customers with end-to-end support for continuous manufacturing processes.
(Source: Emerson)

Texas/USA – Emerson has recently signed a joint commercialisation agreement with Integra CMS, a specialty consulting company focusing on specification and implementation of continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing systems, to provide comprehensive technologies and services for continuous processes. The two companies aim to quicken adoption of continuous manufacturing processes throughout the industry.

Continuous manufacturing reduces costs and improves the quantity, quality and reliability of pharmaceutical manufacturing compared to traditional batch manufacturing methods. Continuous processes are complex, however, and require specialised expertise, which contract manufacturers and makers of over-the-counter and generic drugs, ingredients and supplements often lack. Emerson and Integra CMS bring deep knowledge and practical experience to provide customers with end-to-end support, from process design to regulatory approval.

“Many companies that are interested in implementing continuous manufacturing systems have relatively little experience in the use of process engineering methods,” said Fernando Muzzio, president of Integra CMS and director of Rutgers University’s Engineering Research Centre for Structured Organic Particulate Systems (C-Sops). “Emerson’s extensive toolbox and worldwide presence provides a foundation of technology on which we can deliver end-to-end support in selection, implementation and optimisation of the formulation and the process to customers anywhere in the world.”

Integra CMS will apply its unique understanding of continuous manufacturing and the technology integration process to define requirements, process parameters, and materials specifications, while Emerson will oversee project management, helping customers select, design and implement automation systems. Emerson’s global engineering and large installed base of advanced life sciences technologies – including the Delta V distributed control system and Syncade manufacturing execution system – will facilitate faster global adoption of continuous manufacturing.

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Emerson has supported the pioneering development of continuous manufacturing technology at C-Sops over the last ten years. In 2015, Rutgers University licensed Integra CMS to develop, practise and commercialise advanced continuous manufacturing services.

“The design of an integrated continuous manufacturing system and selection of the best equipment for each application requires a rare and deep scientific expertise,” said Xavier Marchant, vice president of life sciences at Emerson. “Integra CMS through their thorough process understanding, their top network of global universities and their step-by-step approach, have already helped many pharmaceutical manufacturers achieve their goals of maximum product quality at minimal cost. Emerson’s advanced process control solutions are key to continuing to achieve these objectives.”