Flow Conditioners Eliminating Flow Disturbances Due To Crowded Equipment Conditions

From Vortab Company

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The efficiency and service life of pumps can be extended by following the manufacturer’s installation recommendation for pipe straight run entering the pump. When cramped pump houses or restricted pipe runs make this impractical and costly, Vortab Flow Conditioners overcome this challenge by delivering a uniform, swirl-free flow profile to the pump inlet in as little as three pipe diameters.

Vortab Flow Conditioners
Vortab Flow Conditioners
(Source: Vortab Company)

The product line of process flow conditioners, with their flow profile and anti-swirl tab design, correct flow disturbances to mimic adequate pipe straight run and produce a repeatable, symmetrical flow profile. According to the company the flow conditioners are the industry’s lowest pressure drop flow conditioning technology, which reduces energy costs and minimizes process design considerations. Their use also eliminates the extra pipe cost and technician labor for additional lengths of pipe straight run and/or moving equipment around to accommodate new pumps.

Swirl reduction and velocity profile correction occur naturally in long lengths of straight pipe due to diffusion, friction and turbulent mixing. The Vortab Flow Conditioner’s anti-swirl and inclined vortex generating profile correction tabs, projecting from the inside pipe surface, generate vortices that accelerate these natural pipe effects to create a uniform, non-swirling, symmetrical flow profile in a much shorter section of pipe.

The simple, flexible designs of the Vortab Elbow (Model VEL) and the Vortab Insertion Sleeve (Model VIS) configurations provide a cost effective, easy to install solution that supports proper pump installation. They can be made from carbon steel, 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy C-276 and in almost any pipe size. A variety of process connections are also available.


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