Vacuum Contact Dryer Efficient Drying of Bulk Materials in Inclined Position

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Gentle and efficient mixing and drying of humid solids with different free-flowing behaviour and densities were the main consideration in the design of the conical vacuum contact dryer CD of IKA.

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(Bild: Ika)

The mixing vessel, the cover as well as the spiral agitator can be heated, resulting in a uniform temperature distribution. A directly mounted, reversible flow dust filter extracts the resulting solvent vapours. Product discharge and cleaning of the vessel are easy and efficient due to the vessel’s conical design.

The vessel tilting mechanism as well as the cover slewing device are also very user friendly features. Especially the tilting of the complete vessel results in a more effective drying process and a better mixing of the product. The Conical Dryer CD is available in size of 2 – 4000 l and can thus be used for processes from laboratory to production scale. IKA also offers the respective process specific periphery for the upstream and downstream steps of the drying process. Hall: 3/Stand: 448

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