Iran: Specialised Technology EDL granted License and was awarded Feed Contract for SOC’s Dewaxing Facility

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Under the terms of the agreement, EDL has been given the responsibility to modernise lube oil and wax production at SOC’s dewaxing unit. Apart from this, a deoiling unit based on EDL’s technology will also be integrated to produce fully refined wax.

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EDL’s deoiling test stand in Leipzig, Germany.
EDL’s deoiling test stand in Leipzig, Germany.
(Source: Pörner Group)

Tehran/Iran – Iran-based Sepahan Oil Company (SOC) has recently signed a contract with German EDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft mbH (EDL) for the modernisation of lube oil and wax production. The agreement includes granting a license and preparing a Feed (Front End Engineering Design) for SOC’s dewaxing / deoiling unit. The objective is to increase the throughput of the existing dewaxing unit and to improve the base oil quality. In addition to this, a deoiling unit based on EDL’s technology will be integrated to produce fully refined wax. The first phase of this project is expected to be complete by mid-2019.

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EDL Deoiling Technology

Advanced processing methods reduce the number of side products in refineries, such as aromatic hydrocarbons or paraffins / waxes. The lube and paraffin producers are thus forced to find new, more efficient technologies. By using the solvent-based deoiling technology, high-quality paraffins are produced from paraffin-enriched residues, so-called slack waxes. The paraffin products are used, for example, in medicine, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, packaging or building material industry. The advantage of the solvent-based technology is the wide range of application – not only light slack waxes, but also heavy slack waxes are processed.

A few years ago EDL started to enhance dewaxing / deoiling technologies. A deciding factor for SOC’s decision was among others EDL’s pilot plants that were subject to expansion or improvement in mid-2018 to reliably determine the required design parameters.

Apart from dewaxing / deoiling, EDL grants licenses for other processes to produce base oils, tender oils, waxes and other special high-quality products.