USA: $ 250-Million-Investment Eastman to Build World-Scale Plastic-to-Plastic Molecular Recycling Facility

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

One of the world’s largest plastic-to-plastic molecular recycling facilities is to be built at Eastman's site in Kingsport, USA. Through methanolysis, this world-scale facility will convert polyester waste that often ends up in landfills and waterways into durable products, creating an optimized circular economy.

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A new recycling plant built by Eastman is to recycle 100,000 metric tons of plastic per year.
A new recycling plant built by Eastman is to recycle 100,000 metric tons of plastic per year.
(Source: Public Domain / Pixabay )

Kingsport/USA — Eastman Chemical Company Board Chair and CEO Mark Costa and Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced the company’s plans to build a world-scale plastic-to-plastic molecular recycling facility in Kingsport.

Over the next two years, the company will invest approximately $ 250 million in the facility. Utilizing the company’s polyester renewal technology, the new facility will use over 100,000 metric tons of plastic waste that cannot be recycled by current mechanical methods to produce premium, high-quality specialty plastics made with recycled content. This process of using plastic waste as the main feedstock is a true material-to-material solution and will not only reduce the company’s use of fossil feedstocks, but also reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20-30 % relative to fossil feedstocks. The facility is expected to be mechanically complete by year-end 2022.

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