China: Water Treatment Eastman Announces Start Up of New Dimethylaminoethanol Unit

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Eastman’s new dimethylaminoethanol unit is located at its Nanjing site in China. With this new project, the company intends to expand its dimethylaminoethanol capacity, support its Asia sales and further strengthen its global alkyl alkanolamines business.

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Dimethylaminoethanol is used primarily as an intermediate in water treatment.
Dimethylaminoethanol is used primarily as an intermediate in water treatment.
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Nanjing/China – Eastman has recently announced the start-up of its new dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) unit at its Nanjing site in China. The addition will significantly increase the company's DMAE capacity, support additional sales in Asia, and further strengthen Eastman's global leadership in alkyl alkanolamines like DMAE, which is used primarily as an intermediate in water treatment.

Led by Site Manager Lisa Xiao Yan Chen, the project began several years ago and overcame several unexpected obstacles, including Covid-19.

"Even with a global pandemic, the construction had a perfect safety record," said Sabine Ketsman, vice president and general manager of Eastman's care chemicals and animal nutrition. "I'm very proud of our entire team."

Ketsman stressed that water treatment is vital in addressing increased water scarcity across the world.

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"The need for clean water truly affects people's daily lives and personal well-being," she said. "This is a great example of how our products and chemistries contribute to enhancing the quality of life in a sustainable way."

"Asia is a very important growth region," Ketsman said. "Nanjing will be a critical hub for us to meet the future needs of our customers in China and the entire region.