Germany: High Temperature Nylon Dupont Increases Polymerization Capacity in Germany

Editor: Alexander Stark

Dupont Transportation & Advanced Polymers (T&AP) recently announced its plans to extend its High Temperature Nylon polymerization capacity at Uentrop facility in Hamm, Germany.

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Der Dupont-Standort in Uentrop (Hamm, Deutschland) feierte 2018 sein 50-jähriges Bestehen.
Der Dupont-Standort in Uentrop (Hamm, Deutschland) feierte 2018 sein 50-jähriges Bestehen.
(Bild: Dupont)

Geneva/Switzerland — Adding capacity to the Uentrop line opened in 2016 is a further step on the company’s long-term investment strategy to enhance its polymerization and compounding capabilities. Back in 2015, the nylon businesses already announced a 10 % capacity increase for Zytel HTN polymer at Richmond, Virginia, site. In 2017, the Dupont business unit also increased compounding capacity for its high-temperature nylon grades at its Mechelen site in Belgium.

According to the manufacturer, Zytel HTN PPA grades retain superior stiffness, strength and mechanical properties despite exposure to high temperatures, chemicals and moisture, making them ideal for various demanding applications in automotive components and systems, connectors and bushings. In consumer electronics, these high-performance polyamides enable designers to create lighter and thinner products when used in the design of cell phones, tablets and other hand-held devices.

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