Chlor-Alkali in the US Dow-Mitsui Starts up Chlor–Alkali Plant in Texas

Editor: Dominik Stephan

A new membrane chlor-alkali facility opens its doors in Freeport, Texas: The joint-venture operation of Dow and Mitsui of Japan has just begun commercial production at full-scale.

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Dow-Mitsui Chlor-Alkali Facility Achieves Successful Start-up
Dow-Mitsui Chlor-Alkali Facility Achieves Successful Start-up
(Picture: Dow)

Freeport, Texas/USA – “This world-class facility allows us to capitalize on our modern and efficient membrane chlor-alkali technology and serves as a real-life proof point of how new, competitive energy resources in the U.S. are re-shaping the landscape of U.S. Gulf Coast manufacturing,” said James R. Fitterling, Dow executive vice president. “This joint venture bolsters the integration strength of the chlorine value chain at the Freeport site in a capital efficient model that allows Dow to invest in more downstream technology and customer-driven businesses with higher and more consistent earnings.”

Dow’s share of the chlorine produced at the Dow-Mitsui Chlor-Alkali Freeport, Texas, facility will serve the growing feedstock needs of its performance- and market-driven businesses. In addition, Dow will market the caustic soda on behalf of the joint venture. The new facility has a name plate capacity of approximately 800 kilotons per annum (KTA) of chlorine. As previously announced in December, 2013, this new world scale facility will replace 800 KTA of older capacity on the site.

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