Vacuum Technology Dinner is served! With Customized Vacuum Technology à la Carte

Author / Editor: Dieter Reischmann* / Dr. Jörg Kempf

Customized vacuum processing plant for semisolid products–An international manufacturer of mayonnaise, dressings, ketchup, sauces, relishes and chutneys was looking for a vacuum processing plant to produce the above-mentioned goods, which represent the customer’s entire product portfolio. Their requirements were: a high standard of product quality, short changeover times and processes that use a minimum of energy. This article presents the solution, which is so to say “ready to serve”.

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A customised vacuum process can cater your food and beverage production à la carte
A customised vacuum process can cater your food and beverage production à la carte
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Colour and stability play a large role in the manufacture of mayonnaise. Homogeneous consistency of products (e.g. emulsions) needs to be maintained for a defined length of time and under given conditions. Shorter homogenisation times protect the product and ensure that an appetising colour and consistency are retained. The manufacture of ketchup however, depends on the rapid heating of the product. This is achieved by good conduction of heat in the process vessel and “Direct Steam Injection” (DSI).

Production times are therefore significantly reduced. When manufacturing dressings, the colour and stability of products are very important, as with mayonnaise. There are two master recipes for sauces; one is yoghurt/oil-based and the other is oil/water-based. The same specifications apply here as in the manufacture of mayonnaise and ketchup. Automated production ensures repeatability and adherence to recipes.

Catering the Customers Needs for Vacuum technology

The results of a customer’s trials — looking for a vacuum processing plant to produce mayonnaise, ketchup, dressings, and sauces — in the well-equipped Customer Process Center and laboratory at Azo Liquids in Neuenburg with products that the customer was previously unable to manufacture in their conventional plant were so outstanding that the customer decided on a BG 1200, zoatec-design vacuum processing plant with special additional functions.

The investment objectives and special challenges were as follows:

  • manufacturing of the entire product portfolio using one line;
  • short changeover and cleaning times;
  • pasteurisation that was as energy-efficient as possible by using direct steam injection;
  • manufacturing highly viscous mayonnaise products as safely as possible;
  • adding products with chunks, like tomatoes etc., into the relish with as little breakdown of chunks as possible.

Agitator and Mixer for Torough Processing

The mixing vessel has a usable volume of 1200 litres and has a double jacket for indirect heating and cooling. The insulating sheath prevents condensation, burning and transmission of cold to the outer wall of the vessel.