China: Waterborne Coatings and Adhesives Covestro to Build New Plants for Polyurethane Dispersions and Polyester Resins

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

The manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials, Covestro, is planning a new production facility for polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) at their Integrated Site in Shanghai, China (CISS). The company wants to address the rising demand for environmentally compatible coatings and adhesives in the Asia-Pacific region. A further line for polyester resins, from which PUDs are produced, is also to be built there.

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Covestro's existing production plant for polyurethane dispersions in Shanghai.
Covestro's existing production plant for polyurethane dispersions in Shanghai.
(Source: Covestro)

Leverkusen/Germany — With the construction of a new plant for polyurethane dispersion and an additional production line for polyester resins, Covestro is expanding their Integrated Site in Shanghai. The plants are due to be completed in 2024.

The company develops tailor-made PUDs for a wide range of industries, thereby creating new growth opportunities. The investments in the new plants are to meet the continued growth in demand for these products in the region. The trend is shifting from solvent-based products to more sustainable waterborne systems. The low-solvent components also play an important role in the production of coated textiles and fiber-reinforced plastics.

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