Actuator and valve control Control up to 300 Actuators from One Device

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

Pentair Valves & Controls launched two notable new products: the Biffi DCM2 communication device for remote actuator control and the Westlock Controls Digital Epic-2 valve-position transmitter.

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Pentair's Mario Pasquino (left) and Ugo Baldereschi (right) discuss the DCM2 remote actuator control system.
Pentair's Mario Pasquino (left) and Ugo Baldereschi (right) discuss the DCM2 remote actuator control system.
(Picture: Page Bailey)

The DCM2 adds many improved features over its predecessor, which was released in 1997. Since its release, the company has collected metrics from customers to determine the most-wanted enhancements for this new version, says Ugo Baldereschi, Pentair’s global product manager for electric actuators.

The DCM2 adds many enhancements, including simplified commissioning and the ability to control a larger number of devices, explains Baldereschi. Safety was another key concern. “Safety can be implemented in an unprecedented way from remote locations,” says program manager, Mario Pasquino, of the DCM2. The device sheds light on maintenance and replacement needs through continuous actuator monitoring. Partial-stroke tests are automatically executed, with comprehensive reports sent to the control room, notifying operators of any anomalies that need attention.

Automatic Detection and Error Sensing

With control capabilities for up to 18 loops and 300 total actuators, the DCM2 immediately detects when a line is broken within a loop. Wireless-communication capabilities are also new in this device, and this function has become quite popular as more sites are introducing wireless technologies, says Baldereschi. The graphic user interface is displayed via a 10-in. touchscreen, where operators can view the status of each actuator in a particular loop.

The Biffi DCM2 also automatically recognizes any connected actuator, so there is no need to manually enter data during commissioning. According to the company, almost any brand of actuator is compatible. In addition to connecting the control room to actuators in the field, the device is also connected to a full-time customer-service facility that provides help in resolving issues and completing modifications. Another new product, the Digital Epic-2 valve-position transmitter indicates valve open/close status, as well as the specific position of the valve actuator. The Digital Epic-2 also enables users to carry out partial-stroke testing, emergency shutdown and full-stroke tests with safety integrity level (SIL) 3.